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    At YFT we are developing great Pilots to do Extraordinary things.

    For a recreational pilot’s licence you must complete a minimum of 20 flying hours of flying instruction under a RAAus instructor and CFI. This includes a minimum of 5 hours solo flying.

    18813544_10213389426472735_5214608414136355344_nTo secure your place on the pilot training course you need to contact our office or the CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) and organise a time to take your first lesson. You can pre-pay for each lesson if you intend to use the YFT schools aircraft or pay-as-you-go if you use your own trike. However, pre-paying a course of ten lessons, can reduce the hourly cost to $150/hour.




    1 hour (pay-as-you-go)



    5 hours pre-paid & receive your Pilot kit Free



    10 hours pre-paid & receive your Pilot Kit & Study books Free



    Prices include Student Package of study materials:

    • Student Workbook Flash drive copy
    • Pilot Log Book and Log Book Case (if hours are paid for up front)
    • Aviation abbreviations and acronyms
    • Circuit approach and landing
    • Operations at non-towered aerodromes – DVD or CD
    • Radio phrasing and radio procedure
    • Radio safety procedures
    • Aerodrome Safety Manual

    The other costs are your RAAus or HGFA Student Pilot Membership Fee of $160 aprox per annum.
    This includes: Operations Manual, Technical Manual, and Sky Sailor or Recreational Aviation magazine subscription for 12 months.

    The book Microlight Pilot’s Handbook by Brian Cosgrove is the fundamental source of information for every Trike pilot. It will remain valuable long after the course is finished. The book can be purchased through the Pilot Shop at the YFT Facility or if you paid for 10 hours up front this book is provided free.

    8430The HGFA or RAAus Student membership entitles a new member to engage in trainingĀ  it does not provide for any cover as a pilot certificate. Recreational insurance is only provided under this membership type while operating under the direct supervision of an approved HGFA or RAAus Instructor.
    A student will receive a Restricted Pilot Certificate upon completion of a recognised Flight Training Course with an approved RAAus instructor or CFI.

    DAdHL2cWsAEi4YGDuring the course you will be required to take three Multiple Choice Exams at YFT training facility.

    Payment for pilot training must be received at the end of individual lessons, or asĀ  payment prior to a block of lessons.

    You can pay by cash or by a credit card at YFT training facility.

    A Pilot Training-Holiday Package is the answer to the common dilemma of sharing time for pilot training with time for relaxation, holidays and quite often time spent with your family.

    If you are available for lessons for extended training visits, it is possible to progress to solo standard with an average of between 9 to 13 hours of instruction. Those flying hours are achievable over a period of one to two weeks taking into consideration weather conditions.

    2016-slide-pm-3At the beginning, you will be in air in calm near no wind conditions. This is usually 1-2 hours in the morning and afternoon. You can spend down time in between flying lessons studying subjects for exams, with your family, your partner, friends, or just enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Yarrawonga and the surrounding areas. But it is our aim, that by the time you have completed your training, you will have experienced flying in many conditions. In fact, one of our mottos is NO SURPRISES!
    In conclusion, in one or two extended visits you could attain the solo stage, and, it is possible to attain your pilot’s licence.

    6759A package is also an attractive option for students from Sydney or Melbourne.
    For example, living in Sydney, for recreational training you must go to schools out of Sydney and travel by car to training airstrips. With hectic city traffic and motorway tolls it can take less time and money to get to Yarrawonga than to go to your nearest recreational school.
    From Melbourne, you can buy a return train ticket to Benalla/Albury for as low as $45 if planning ahead, and within about three hours you could be here. So, Yarrawonga Flight Training at Yarrawonga might be your best option over a perceived nearby training ground.

    A wide range of Accommodation packages are available through YFT. We cater for singles or families, in Caravan parks, Hotels, and Motels. We have a package to suit your budget. To find out more, ring Anne or Peter on 03 5744-1466 or 0415 406 413.

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