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    Yarrawonga Flight Training is the Australian Dealer for all P&M Aviation products.

    All P&M Aviation Aircraft and Products are available however the prices are subject to change due to the English pound against the Australian dollar, and the cost of shipping. YFT carries a number of spare parts for the Quik series of aircraft, in stock at YFT.

    The Quik GT Lite…
    4The Quik GT Lite is a two seat aircraft with maximum performance, combining the 13sqm GT450 wing with the smooth performing Rotax 582 oil injected engine. This aircraft is a true high performance entry level, two seat aircraft. The Quik GT Lite has the new, vented, under-surface wing. This aircraft is supplied without the wingtip fins normally found on a GT450 wing. However tip fins are available as an optional extra if you would like them. GTLite 5The Quik GT Lite comes with everything you need to go flying, including the Explorer wide wheels and spats, electric trim, front brake, and landing light.


    Max Straight & Level Speed 74kts (VNe 95kts)

    Cruise Speed 39kts to 65kts (hands off trim). Climb Rate 550 ft/min at 450kg vs 1100ft/min at 300kg.

    Stall Speed 33kts at 450kg vs 28kts at 300kg. Typical Empty Weight 200kg. Fuel Tank Capacity 65 litres.

    photo 15Equipment

    Rotax 582 E type gear box (3.47/1) Electric starter & oil injected.

    Warp Drive 3 blade propeller.

    ASI, Alt, VSI, Tacho, Voltmeter, WTG, Fuel Gauge, Explorer wide wheels and spats, Electric Trimmer with trim indicator, gas struts, front brakes, prop covers, landing light.

    The QuikR…

    5030The world’s fastest flex wing, current world record holder in a straight line. The QuikR is a no nonsense high speed touring aircraft ideal for eating up the miles. With a strut braced 11.43 sqm wing with unique self-rig internal washout rods, the QuikR expands the performance of the original Quik with a hands off trim speed of 48-85kts, depending upon configuration. One look at the wing and you know it has the performance, now fitted with STARS for more precise slow speed handling.

    QuikR 1Performance


    Wing Area 11.43sqm.  Wing Span 8.45m.  Max Straight & Level Speed 96kts.  Never Exceed Speed Vne 105kts.  Trim Fast Cruise (max / min AUW) 48-93kts/48-87kts.  Trim Slow Cruise (max / min AUW) 48-81kts/39-83kts.  Stall Speed 35kts.  Climb Rate at MAUW 1150ft min.  Rate Of Descent at MAUW 500ft min.  Ultimate Strength +6g -3g.

    QuikRatrestWing Folded. Trike Upright
    Overall Length 5.25m
    Overall Height 2.96m
    Overall Width 1.75m

    Wing Folded. Trike Folded

    Overall Height 2.05m
    Overall Length 5.00m
    Overall Width 1.75


    Empty Weight 225 kg.  Maximum All Up Weight 450kg.  Maximum Cockpit Load 220kg.  Individual Seat load 11Okg.  Overall Length 3.8m.


    Rotax 912 (80hp) / 912ULS (100hp).  Fuel Consumption 13 lph.  Fuel Capacity 65 litre.






    The HypeR…

    Hypertrike smaller LRThe HypeR is the exciting all new flexwing from P&M Aviation built to give you more room, more comfort and more fun.Designed as the result of extensive market research,the HypeR gives the pilot, passenger or instructor the ultimate freedom to enjoy the skies due to its low drag design,Cantilever sprung undercarriage, IMG_6973 LRand fully adjustable front and rear seating positions making it the perfect flying experience for all shapes and sizes. The quickly removable wrap round windscreen significantly reduces wind buffet for both the pilot and passenger and the all composite body panels ensure loose items are securely contained. An optional BRS parachute fitment is available, allowing a maximum take off weight of 472.5kg and the 65 litre fuel tank ensures long distance flying without the worry of fuel stops. The large front panel enables you to fit any choice of instruments and the fully adjustable seating and foot rests make the HypeR the perfect choice for all sized pilots and passengers. The huge under seat storage area also makes the HypeR ideal for the long distance adventurer.

    IMG_6980 LRThe Rotax 912ULS engine is housed underneath a quickly removable cowling allowing unrestricted access for routine maintenance and daily preflight checks. The HypeR also comes with the proven electric trim system and the popular explorer wheels as standard.

    The HypeR is mated with the proven GTR 13sqm topless wing which offers unrivalled trim speeds from 48-83kts with complete confidence. The STARS (stability and roll system) provides ease of handling at all speeds and in all conditions. The adjustable radiator cover ensures quick warm up times and total control of temperatures during flight and the large built in LED landing light gives added visibility and safety.


    IMG_7033 LREngine: Rotax 912ULS     Wing Area: 13sqm    Empt Weight: 260kg (with BRS)

    Empty Weight: 248kg (Without BRS)     Max Take-off weight 472.5kg with BRS parachute

    Max take-off weight  450kg without BRS Parachute      Stall Speed at MAUW:  34kts

    Trim Speed:  48-83kts      Max Straight & level: 92kts     Never Exceed Speed: 104kts

    Rate of Climb at MAUW: 1000 ft/min       Rate of Descent at MAUW: 410 ft/min

    The PulsR…

    PulsR 1Standard Summary

    With a unique aerodynamic monocoque composite carbon fibre body shell to give increased strength and rigidity all at minimum weight the PulsR is the ultimate touring flexwing microlight.  With its wrap over windscreen to give optimum pilot and passenger comfort whilst still retaining full visibility and its cantilever sprung composite main undercarriage to soak up the roughest of fields, makes it a most enjoyable flight experience.   The large 78 litre fuel tank gives you all day flying without the worry of fuel stops and the option to have a BRS parachute fitment allows a maximum 472.5 kg take-off weight.   In summary the PulsR is at the cutting edge of microlight design and one where others simply follow.


    05023Wing Area 13sqm.  Wing Span 9.26m.  Max Straight & Level Speed 92kts.  Never Exceed Speed Vne 105kts.  Trim Speed  48-83kts.  Stall Speed 33kts.  Climb Rate at MAUW 1000ft min.  Rate Of Descent at MAUW  410ft min.  Ultimate Strength +6g -3g.
    Wing Folded. Trike Upright.  Overall Length 5.75m.  Overall Height 2.96m.  Overall Width 1.75m.  Wing Folded. Trike Folded
    Overall Height 2.05m.  Overall Length 5.50m.  Overall Width 1.75.


    10409358_10152961921690353_5481178924713470141_nEmpty Weight 251 kg (with BRS).  Empty Weight 239 kg (without BRS).  Maximum All Up Weight 450kg (Without BRS).  Maximum All Up Weight 472.5kg (With BRS).  Maximum Cockpit Load 220 kg.  Individual Seat load 11O kg.  Overall Length 3.2m.  Overall Height 2.82m.


    Rotax 912S (100ph).  Fuel Consumption 13 lph.  Fuel Capacity 78 litre.


    4767Rear seat cover.

    This rear seat cover turns your rear seat into a large storage space.






    IMG_0025This spinner is perfect to finish off the look of your Quik Trike. They come in all the P&M Aviation aircraft colours, and are very easy to fit.







    Storage Bags & Panniers…

    P&M Aviation produces a number of storgae bag and Panniers. They fit all models in the Quik range, and look great.

    Internal Panniers. P/N: OMP-3 $182.50 a pair.

    6138Small Back rest. P/N: OMP-4 $66.50 each.




    Backrest 2″. P/N: TQB-13115B $110.60 each.

    Backrest 4″. P/N: TQB-13115C $121.20 each.

    Booster Front pad 2″. P/N: TQB-13116B $73.50 each.

    Booster Front pad 4″. P/N: TQB-13116C $85.00 each.

    Instructor Cushion 2″. P/N: TQB-13117B $79.50 each.

    Instructor Cushion 4″. P/N: TQB-13117C $99.90 each.

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