Yarrawonga Flight Training

Speed and distance are concepts
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    Yarrawonga Flight Training

    We are taking great People on Extraordinary Flights.

    GoPro Going Low… …and Slow with All About Trikes

    Trike Microlight Training at Yarrawonga

    Trial Instructional Flights

    Flying over Yarrawonga

    Flying over Yarrawonga

    Being airborne in a two-seater microlight or Trike as they are known is probably the nearest thing to what the essence of flying might be. Typically a microlight cruises at about 120 kph at relatively low altitudes, and the view from the open cockpit is unbelievable.

    In contrast, conventional light aircraft or helicopters are fast and exciting, but you’re enclosed in a capsule.  Balloon flights are fantastic and tranquil, but more often than not you’re jammed in a basket full of other people.

    It’s not about white-knuckle rides or adrenaline rushes or things like that.  It’s about a profound sense of being in another world. The sense of freedom, of being afloat in three dimensions, is, quite simply, life-changing.

    We will supply you with all flying gear requirements, and simply ask that you wear covered in, secure footwear. These Trial Instructional flights take place between 7:00 and 18:30 most days.
    Flying is weather dependent. Please call Peter or Anne on 03 5744-1466 or 0415 406 413 to confirm flying conditions.

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