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    Solo man…

    Saturday, March 30th, 2013

    40250Paul goes solo

    Paul goes solo on Easter Saturday after working tirelessly for nearly two weeks. Despite unsavoury weather, and lots of hours doing theory on the ground, Paul has progressed sufficiently in his flying that he is not only training in our Tanarg Bionix 13, he is the first person to solo in Australia in a Bionix 13. After his first training run in the TB13, he got out singing, “Heaven, I’m in heaven”…not a bad voice either! I think he likes the TB13?!?!!

    The Cycle of Aircraft Ownership

    Friday, March 29th, 2013

    Tanarg Student

    Friday, March 22nd, 2013

    Paul flies the Tanarg…

    40201After flying in all types of weather in the XT-912 Arrows, this afternoon Paul took to the sky for an hour and a half in the Tanarg Bionix 13. After doing a few circuits, we then proceeded south and Paul conducted two simulated engine failures into paddocks, followed by a flight into terrain whilst in command of TB13. Then he made an approach onto a very short runway. After departing, we flew back to Yarrawonga for a very nice landing.

    Tornado at Yarrawonga

    Friday, March 22nd, 2013

    Scary storm too close for comfort!

    40182All day Peter and the students had been watching the weather systems developing. There was a trough moving down from Broome which was linked up with a massive low pressure system in Bass Strait. Peter had been commenting that there would be no flying during the day because it would develop into a huge storm which might even develop into cyclonic patterns. The training completed for the day, and the students gone back to their accommodation for the night, we were standing outside with our neighbours, just before dark, watching a huge storm cell form. 40165The cloud was the darkest we have seen, with drenching rain to the west of us and a magnificent  thunder and lightning show unfolding all around us. Then it started to rain, then hail, with very strong winds, so we retreated inside to watch from the safety of our loungeroom. Anne even checked out her fabric storage room (just in case it got any scarier…)

    40184After an hour or so, it had all settled down and we went to bed after watching a little TV. But we didn’t get to sleep. A Helimed aircraft diverted from Wangaratta (because the aerodrome is presently unavailable at night because of an extensive loss of power).  Peter and Alex went out to assist by bringing the helicopter into a safe area. Over three hours later (well after 2 a.m.) he and Alex returned to their respective hangars, having helped the ambos load five people, who had been injured in the storm which had developed into a mini cyclone damaging a swath of countryside from behind Cobram, along the river and Lake  Mulwala, and on as far as Rutherglen. Entire caravan parks, homes and businesses had been destroyed. In one caravan park, the residents had fortunately chosen last night to go out for tea together, or there would have been many more injuries caused by falling trees, shattered caravans, overturned motorhomes and collapsed buildings.

    40190This morning, both YFT students flew across the lake and saw the devastation for themselves, before the ubiquitous media helicopters entered the local airspace, taking over the CTAF radio frequency in order to ensure safe separation. Come to think of it, today was a great day to be studying Aviation Radio groundschool, because there were lots of real life examples (both good and bad calls) coming through the base station all day!

    Peter and Anne would like to thank all the people who rang to check on our welfare, and also those of you who thought of us. The aerodrome is unaffected, now that the rain has cleared from the drains.

    Fly Like An Eagle YFT

    Thursday, March 14th, 2013

    Fly like an eagle at Yarrawonga Flight Training – a unique team of trike pilots having fun doing their formation training routine over Yarrawonga. Music by Russell Morris – Fly like an Eagle. Satis-Fly… your Passion.!

    REVO visits YFT

    Thursday, March 14th, 2013

    40052John, Larry and Amy visit YFT.

    After driving from Maitland The REVO bus and trailer pulled up at Hangar 19 in time to unload and set up the REVO trike and put it to bed before last light, so it was ready to go first thing next morning. Several YFT people had pizzas and chewed the fat with the REVO visitors. 40082Kyle, Faye David and Sue all went for TIFs with Larry, despite the fairly strong easterly winds. Peter went up with Larry in the REVO, then Larry went up with Peter in the Tanarg B13, happily trading ideas and techniques. Aviation knowledge flew thick and fast around the hangar, whilst Amy has a well earned sleep-in, before the pack-up and drive to Melbourne in time for  a presentation to Southern Microlight Club. 40099Larry vowed to return to YFT with a different wing. With the Airborne Arrows, the REVO and the Tanarg Bionix 13 all here on the ground together, everyone gathered at Hangar 19 had a unique opportunity to compare and contrast the various trikes and discover which “horse” best suited their own particular “course”! A good time was had by all.

    Solo Man

    Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

    P1240022Another Solo Man…

    Ralph went solo in his Quasar last Friday. It was 40 years ago Ralph went solo for the first time, and the excitment was still the same.

    Well done Ralph

    Paddock Burns.

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

    40007Autumn has arrived at YYWG.

    You can tell that it’s Autumn! The farmers have started burning their stubble,… but it appears that there has been a communication breakdown, because fire trucks were seen racing to tonight’s paddock burn, which was being carried out very safely and efficiently. This made for a fantastic “photo opportunity”.

    Cessna 150 Wins Trophy at Avalon Airshow.

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

    30939Local Cessna 150 Wins Best Cessna at Avalon.

    Graeme Clark flew his beautiful 150 to success at Avalon, then flew back via YFT. Well done guys for winning the trophy.

    Airborne Gyro Flies In

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

    30947Airborne’s New Orion Gyro Visits YFT.

    Russell Duncan and his Gyro instructor dropped into Hangar 19 on their way back from Avalon Airshow. Russell said that after flying the gyro, he still prefers trikes.

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