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    Air to Air Sun N Fun

    Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

    Tammy Orange Academy Movie

    Thursday, February 21st, 2013

    Tammy flying in the Asset Insure RV8 at the Orange Aviation Academy event.
    I think the RV8 made her “feel mighty real”….enjoy.

    My Friend Jozinko from Slovakia!

    Thursday, February 21st, 2013

    Hello Peter,

    AtlasI would like to write you about me. Flying is a family (men only) sport. I remember we were on holiday in Slovakian mountains, Tatry,  in 1975. I was 6 years old. We went up the hill by lift. When we were there, the Hang Glider pilots took off. My father asked some people where they would land. “Down into the camp”. Then our family trip ended and we went down by lift, sat in the car and drove to the camp, where the last pilots were just landing. Father went there and my mother, brother and I stayed waiting for him. After 2 hours my dad returned and said to my mum: “Can you lend me 200 Czechoslovakian krowns, please?” Then he returned to the others and we were waiting for him again. Next he came and said: “ I ordered  plans for building wing.” During the next months we drove all over Czechoslovakia and we bought dural tubes, igelit sail, steel cables and more and more things for a wing. Papucka (more…)

    RNoAF F-16 BM low level flying in Norway

    Thursday, February 21st, 2013

    Best of Web

    Thursday, February 21st, 2013

    Pilot Licence Revoked

    Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

    Letter from an Australian Cattle Station Pilot

    G’day Mate,

    I am writing to you because I need your help to get me bloody pilot’s licence back. You keep telling me you got all the right contacts.  Well now’s your chance to make something happen for me because, mate, I’m bloody desperate. But first, I’d better tell you what happened during my last flight review with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia Examiner.

    On the phone, Ron (that’s the CASA d*#”head), seemed a reasonable sort of a bloke. He politely reminded me of the need to do a flight review every two years. He even offered to drive out, have a look over my property and let me operate from my own strip. Naturally I agreed to that.


    Custom Aircraft FMJ II

    Monday, February 18th, 2013

    FMJ II (Full Metal Jacket II) flies into YFT

    30750There was a air of anticipation at YFT with the radio call from Clint letting everyone know that the FMJ II was only a few minutes out. Clint had picked up his new aircraft only days ago from the specialist builder Robert Herring of  Custom Aircraft at Mildura. After conducting a number of circuits and a flight to Murray Bridge, it was time to bring this new aircraft home, with a side trip to Yarrawonga first.

    LAA & Sonex Fly-in

    Monday, February 18th, 2013

    30727A Line of Sonex at YFT

    Saturday and Sunday saw the annual LAA and Sonex people congregate at Hangar 19. This year was very low key compared to the 2012 event, but the pilots who flew, drove or rode in had a very enjoyable get together. Plenty of flying was done as the Sonex aircraft demonstrated their capabilities over YYWG aerodrome.30738 People at Bundalong got a lovely demonstration of aerobatics from Steve’s RV-7. For those who overnighted, a quieter, unorganised dinner was held at Burke’s Hotel, with lots of chatter and laughter heard in the room.

    Tanarg Bionix 13

    Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

    A flight over the Lake…

    10846Last night was the first smooth flying I have had, and TB13 was flying around on rails again. Ken was flying close by and the photo is taken on a Hero 3 Black so you will now know how close we were. Ken is another qualified Formation Pilot and his nickname is “Mr VELCRO” because he flies as my wingman and is able to get in very close.

    This morning Ken, Janette, Stan, and myself flew to Benalla to see the pelicans. Unfortunately there were no pelicans there. It was a great flight any way.

    Air Creation Tanarg B13

    Saturday, February 9th, 2013

    Tanarg turns Twenty…

    30564The YFT Tanarg B13 turned twenty…hours, that is…. this morning. All the flying it has done so far has been in less than smooth air. The TB13, as it is now known, has led two formation flights, and flown in a fifty knot wind, all being virtually effortless. Anne has now been on three flights and is now enjoying the roominess of the rear seat a lot more!

    TB13 thumbs upPeter shot some video from the cockpit this morning, and for most of the flight he had his hands in his lap. This shows the stability of TB13. We had been told that the new wing would take about fifty hours to bed in, and by twenty hours it has become a very sweet wing.

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