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    Back in the Air in an Arrow.

    Sunday, November 18th, 2012

    Jim, a student pilot, got back in the air at YFT.

    4165Jim had withdrawal symtons. It had been some months since he had flown. His last flight had been in a two stroke Redback, with a Wizard wing. How thrilling was that?!! Yesterday, Jim took to the skies in one of YFT’s new XT-912 Arrows. He noticed the difference, and he liked it… Jim had no problems adapting to the Arrow wing, and CFI Peter put Jim’s flying to the test. He made Jim attempt two forced landings into unusual looking paddocks, and then conducted a crosswind landing after Jim had had a bit of fun just flying around the area. Jim passed his flight check with Peter with flying colours.

    Darwin Snapping Handbag.

    Sunday, November 18th, 2012

    Steve is back in Darwin.

    handbagNew YFT pilot, Steve, was back in Darwin, checking out a few airfields around the place. One of his mates has an airstrip on a beach. he said to Steve, “Come and have a look before you land here. The runways are pretty smooth, except for the odd speed hump”. Steve calls them, “snapping handbags”.

    Trikes go Flying

    Sunday, November 18th, 2012

    Willie takes a friend flying.

    20850Willie arrived early on Saturday morning, with his wife, Erika, and her friend, who was keen to go flying with Willie. Erika’s friend was kitted up and ready to go, and it was off into the wide blue yonder! Willie flew around the town, over the lake, and then followed the river towards Wangaratta, before turning back towards Corowa, then following the river back to Yarrawonga. Willie had taken his camera, but put it on the wrong setting, and, instead of getting a memorable photo every ten seconds, he only got one shot, (of his inquisitive face gazing into the camera lens!) Have you heard this story before? Recently??? This time it was Peter who came to the rescue… he flew past them in the new Arrow, and took a half a dozen photos of their smiling faces.

    Airborne Outback

    Sunday, November 18th, 2012

    Outback flies in from Murrindindi.

    20889Trevor made a great effort flying his Outback 912 Cruze from Murrindindi airfield, over the mountains and on to Yarrawonga, on a day with some very big thermals! After landing, Trevor pushed his aircraft into one of the YFT hangars, because a Helicopter was about to depart from the YFT parking area. Two other pilots were here, having their aircraft undergo a 50 hourly service. Peter had a quick look at Trevor’s aircraft and noticed that all the fuel lines were cracked and in need of replacing, and told Trevor that he could have it done for him in an hour or so, if he could wait.20892 After Peter had finished  the other aircraft services, he replaced all the fuel lines on the Outback, with  correct aviation grade fuel line, which will not need replacing again, for the life of the aircraft.. The original fuel lines were all badly cracked and would not have lasted much longer, despite the fact that the aircraft had only flown approximately 200 hours from new, and was hangared at Murrundindi. This aircraft is only required to have a five yearly inspection done, and Trevor, not expecting any such problems so early in its life, had not picked up the cracks in his preflight inspections.

    Peter suggested to Trevor to wait a while for the turbulence to drop, so he could have a safer flight home, which he did. We were all very pleased to see him at YFT.

    X-wind Landing

    Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

    Wildlife Adventure with Alex & Peter

    Sunday, November 11th, 2012

    Alex and Peter and the Wildlife Adventure

    2975The Benalla Festival was on, and a group of YFT pilots were heading to Benalla aerodrome to add their support. After take-off, Peter and Alex climbed to 2500 feet and headed for Benalla. It didn’t take long before their wildlife adventure had begun.

    Crikey!” was heard over the intercom,”Look at the eagles!” Alex declared. I could only see one, but then a second eagle headed for us. It looked great to see two eagles flying around us. It was now easy to find the thermals, as all we had to do was look for the eagles, and there were plenty of thermals!

    After spending a few enjoyable hours on the ground at Benalla, we decided to fly back to Yarrawonga. Yes, the thermals, and the eagles were still there. We descended to 1000 feet AGL and then we could see the Kangaroos. We flew over one of the kangaroos, and managed to place the aircraft’s shadow right over him. I thought he might make a thousand feet, he must have got a fright he jumped so high!

    Not to be out done, one of the eagles decided to head straight at us. Alex said, “Look at that Eagle!” I was already looking at the eagle, because it was coming straight at us, at eye level. The eagle screamed by us and under our right wing, and he turned his head and watcheded us as he flew by. I think he was thinking, “Crikey! Those humans looked like they had seen a ghost”!

    (You know the stories about the fish that got away? Well, this was a case of the photograph that got away…. The boys could see the yellow around the eagle’s beak, it flew so close to them, but the on-board camera was set on the wrong program and it shot off a series of Peter’s hand on the bar rather than the usual 10 second interval still shots which would have got one, or more, excellent wildlife photos of the inquisitive eagle, busily protecting “its” airspace from the human invaders. Oh well, maybe next time….)

    Another Licenced Trike Pilot

    Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

    Steve Heads Back to Darwin

    a2Steve completed his licence, Pax and Navigation endorsements included, then wrapped his Arrow trike in black clingwrap, put it on the back of his truck and headed home to Darwin. First overnight stop at Renmark, followed by storms at Coober Pedy which wrecked the clingwrap protection around his base. Apparently it rained red mud, and his beautiful new all-yellow trike is now red all down one side! More clingwrap required… Another stop at Alice Springs, then a text, “400 kms to home”. A very long road trip achieved, as well as a full-on journey to learn to fly  his new aquisition . Well done Steve, and we wish you safe flying in your own territory up north.

    Trike Student Pilot

    Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

    Lionel starts training.

    P1220834Lionel, from Bateman’s Bay, started flight training at YFT this week. The weather was not too kind to Lionel. At times he had to put up with 35kt winds, and this made it hard for flying circuits. Nearly every day the wind picked up early and Lionel had to battle cross winds when landing. One afternoon there was no wind, and Lionel felt a bit uncomfortable without having the wind in the circuit.

    When Lionel wasn’t flying, he was either attending theory classes, or helping Roy with his Edge X, “Toucan Fly”.

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