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    Arrow Pilots get Licence

    Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

    Steve get his pilots Licence….

    20822After flying in all types of conditions, Steve from Darwin passed the final challenge. Yes Steve has his wings. He is now licenced to learn. Well done Steve.

    Steve is now well on his way to completing his Nav’s, and with all the solo flying he is doing, he has almost completed the ten hours after gaining his licence, which will enable him to also earn his passenger endorsement! He will soon be gracing the skies of Darwin, in his brand new, yellow, Airborne XT-912 Arrow.

    Albury Aeroclub Open Day

    Saturday, October 27th, 2012

    Open Day a Big Success.

    2935Albury Aeroclub hosted another Open Day today, and what a fantastic day it was! Hundreds of people flocked in to see the various aircraft. Lots of different model aircraft were there, from tiny remote controlled models, through antique scale models, both propeller and jet propelled, culminating in the large Aeromacchi 339 full jet remote control model, which sounded like the real thing when it was started up.

    2923In the full-sized machines, there was everything from the Gazelle, Jabirus, Pipers, Cessnas, helicopters, to the real crowd stoppers, … the warbirds. The Aeroclub had to do an emergency butcher dash to keep up with the demand for their Sausage Sizzle.

    Helifly Albury

    Saturday, October 27th, 2012

    Helifly gets New Hangar.

    2930Ian and Marianne moved into their new hangar at Albury Airport in time for Albury Open Day,… and what an upgrade!

    A spacious student training area is provided within their hangar, along with a reception room and some private areas for briefing and the obligatory paper work. Marianne and Ian are now able to see their aircraft within their hangar, instead of having to walk a couple of hundred metres to find them.

    2926Helifly are operating two Hughes 300’s in their helicopter flight training school. With a number of new students on the go, learning to fly, Helifly has now got themselves in a great situation at Albury Airport. There is also a rumor that Santa has hired Helifly to fly him around delivering toys this Christmas.

    Carbon Cub for YFT

    Saturday, October 27th, 2012

    YFT should take delivery of its new Carbon Cub in December.

    2937After two years of looking at the Carbon Cub, the decision was finally made to order one, and keep it at Hangar 19. This beautiful little flying machine will arrive in a red and silver scheme, breaking from our traditional red, yellow and black. We had the option of getting it on floats, but there are too many irresponsible boat owners to consider landing on Lake Mulwala. The order has been placed through the NSW agent, Ken Petts, of Albury RC Models. We have also ordered a Tanarg with  a Bionix 13 wing, to be delivered around the same time.

    Megafauna Flyaway to Bathurst 2013

    Friday, October 26th, 2012

    The Megafauna Flyaway to Bathurst is ready for bookings.

    The Flight Plan

    We will be departing from YFT on Sunday 19th of May 2013 and flying to Wagga, Cowra, Bathurst, Parkes, Narrandera, and then back to Yarrawonga.

    19th Sunday. We fly from Yarrawonga to Wagga for a BBQ at the Aeroclub and stay overnight.

    20th Monday We fly from Wagga to Cowra for the night.

    21st Tuesday We fly from Cowra to Bathurst two nights.

    22nd Wednesday Lay day.

    23rd Thursday We fly from Bathurst to Parkes for the night.

    24th Friday We fly from Parkes to Narrandera for the night.

    25th Saturday We fly from Narrandera to Yarrawonga.

    Day 1     Flying distance 87nm                     Day 2     Flying distance 99nm

    Day 3     Flying distance 57nm                     Day 4     Lay day local flying day

    Day 5     Flying distance 73nm                     Day 6     Flying distance 128nm

    Day 7     Flying distance 83nm

    For sign on details contact Peter or Anne on 03 5744-1466 or email: yft@yarrawongaflighttraining.com.au

    Flypast for a Pilot

    Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

    A Formation of One for the Passing of Alan Hall

    P1220804Peter was asked by Alan Hall’s sons if he could arrange a flyover at Lake Rowan Cemetry this afternoon, in honour of their father, whose funeral was held there. Peter and Alex flew just above tree height, then cut the power on the engine, before climbing steeply into the sky, as if to take Alan’s spirit with them.

    YFT Darwin Student goes Solo

    Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

    Steve, from Darwin, goes Solo.

    P1220800After completing all his theory and getting flight hours up in less-than-perfect weather conditions, Steve went Solo yesterday afternoon. Yes, Steve became a Solo man! Steve also completed the first service on his new aircraft. It won’t be too long before Steve is a fully licenced pilot. Steve has already started his Navigation training and at the rate we are flying, there could be a Nav to Darwin… Well done, Steve!

    XT-912 Pilot Earns Licence

    Saturday, October 20th, 2012

    Rob gets his licence.

    20320Rob, flying his own XT-912 Arrow, has finally completed his training, in between delivering calves, and now has earnt his Pilot Licence. Rob is now seriously getting into his Nav’s, and at the rate he is applying himself to the challenge, he should complete them soon. He is really enjoying flying his aircraft around the Yarrawonga extended territory.

    Airborne XT-912 Arrows

    Saturday, October 20th, 2012

    Two more XT-912 Arrows arrived last week.

    20776Faye’s registration came through at last! It was then time to get her aircraft ready for flight. It had been a very wet and windy day but it was time for Faye to commit aviation in public in her new aircraft. The wind was only 25kts from the SW when the test flight took place. After three circuits and only a little trimming on the wing Peter was ready to hand the controls over to the new owner. Faye conducted a number of circuits the next day in better conditions.

    Remember “Blue and green should never be seen, without a colour inbetween”? Well, that’s what I keep reminding Faye. Apparently Faye’s mother was a stickler for that colour rule as well… do we detect a small amount of rebellion in her wing colour selection for Phase Too? No matter, for whenever Faye walks into the hangar these days, all you can see is a smile…

    Airborne Arrow

    Monday, October 15th, 2012

    Another Airborne Arrow takes to the air.

    202339Ross from Parkes picked up his new Arrow last week and got to fly his new Arrow in 25 to 30kt winds. Ross said that he only flies on no wind days. Well CFI Peter had other ideas… Ross needed his BFR done before he headed back to Parkes. The wind was only going to get stronger, so off they went. Ross could not believe the stability of the Arrow. After completing a number of circuits in cross wind conditions, he said ” I am glad I did this, but I wouldn’t choose to fly in these conditions”. Good attitude Ross!

    Here at YFT we have a motto… NO SURPRISES! We mean it. It is better for a pilot to experience a range of conditions with a CFI who flies in a wide range of conditions.

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