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    Airborne Arrows at YFT

    Sunday, September 30th, 2012

    Two new Arrows arrive at YFT.

    P1220659Rob and Peter drove to the Airborne Factory on Thursday to pick up two more XT-912 Arrows. This is becoming a monthly trip for YFT as the new aircraft come on line. These two new aircraft are going to Faye from Yarrawonga and Peter from Deniliquin. There was also a new Arrow wing for Ross from Parkes, who is upgrading his Streak 3 wing to a new Arrow.

    Antique Aircraft Association of Australia at YFT

    Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

    Antiquers AGM was at Yarrawonga

    20549From Friday afternoon, over 50 antique aircraft arrived for the AAAA AGM Fly-in at Yarrawonga.They chose to base themselves at Yarrawonga Flight Training’s Hangar 19. It was a delight to see friends greet each other as each aircraft arrived. It was also a delight to see three Ercoupes, a number of Austers, and two beautiful Cessna 195’s, along with five Birddogs and a lonely Tigermoth among many other aircraft types. Other 20633members chose to drive to the meeting. Many local flights were enjoyed by pilots sharing a ride in their own particular aircraft with other Antiquers, with, of course, reciprocal flights, and even the Birddog on floats landing on Lake Mulwala, just to take a photo of the “Welcome to Victoria” sign!

    The very successful AGM dinner was held at Burke’s in the Back O’Burkes room. One comment overheard was that,”We used to kick on into the wee hours, 20529but as the years go by, the nights get earlier and earlier”. Funny about that! We have noticed that on our Megafauna trips, too.

    Sunday morning saw a flurry of people and aircraft being readied for a quick departure, due to strong winds and turbulence, south of the airfield.

    BRP Engine

    Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

    Canola in Flower at Yarrawonga.

    Friday, September 21st, 2012

    One photo sums it up!

    2900Canola in the local area is now in full bloom. The local farmers, barring any unforseen disasters, should have a record yield this season with an equally record price. That’s got to be good for the town.

    Footy Formation Flight

    Friday, September 21st, 2012

    The Yarrawonga Pigeons Footy Final.

    20522YFT X-ray Tango Flight were asked to do a formation flight over Belmore Street and the Lake Mulwala foreshore this morning, as part of the Yarrawonga town parade to celebrate  the sporting teams of the area reaching the grand finals this year.

    Fuel Tester

    Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

    The GATS Jar….

    P1220508THE GATS JAR October Special Pre-order NOW!
    ONLY $25 plus P&H
    The Gats Jar is a simple, accurate method of testing for non-petroleum contaminants in any fuel grade and octane, (AVGAS, Jet A, Automotive petrols and diesel fuels). Trap and view water or debris, then return clean extracted fuel to your tank, instead of discarding it.

    R44 at YFT

    Monday, September 17th, 2012

    Rod flies the R-44

    20504Rod flew in yesterday in his gunmetal grey R-44. After flying around the local area and having a lot of fun, he landed and parked his aircraft at YFT. Rod was going to stay for a few days but due to the thunderstorms predicted in Melbourne this afternoon he decided to head off early.

    Porepunkah Navigation Flight.

    Sunday, September 16th, 2012

    Andrew Flies Solo Nav.

    1527Only three flew out, but four flew back! Andrew departed on a solo nav, this morning, to Porepunkah. Peter and Willem flew formation from YYWG. Then Kyle arrived! Anne radioed through to find out if  a landing at Wangaratta was included in the plan, and finding that it was, Kyle flew to Wangaratta to meet up with the others. Peter and Willem met up with Andrew at Myrtleford, and then tracked in to Porepunkah, joining circuit downwind for 2249Runway 18, and the three aircraft made a great landing at the totally deserted airfield. It was so deserted that there was not a sound but the crickets. Then a car arrived. The driver and his wife were from the La Trobe Valley. They had seen us land, and thought we may have been locals. They wanted to know where to park their aircraft when they fly up some time in the future. We stayed long enough to take some photos, and then Andrew departed to 2571continue his Nav, and Peter and Willem continued on to Wangaratta, where Kyle was waiting and very busy on his mobile phone (must have been business!).

    Departing Wangaratta, with Kyle in the lead, we tracked back to Yarrawonga, to a friendly atmosphere at YFT, where several people were already drinking hot coffees. It had been a most enjoyable morning.

    Stinson Voyager at YFT

    Sunday, September 16th, 2012

    A Rare Aircraft Visits YFT.

    20500Sunday morning saw Michael bring his new aquisition, a Stinson Voyager, in immaculate condition, to YFT  Pilot’s Shop. He had  gained his tailwheel endorsement especially in order to fly his new baby. After a coffee and purchasing some charts and other bits, Michael climbed into the Stinson to do some circuits before departing for Corowa and then Albury.

    Pilot Training

    Saturday, September 15th, 2012

    YFT sets another record…

    20495Today we had a “new student” start flying… Yes, 94 years young, and loved his”first lesson”. Until now, the record was 93 years! Our new student tells us that he jumped out of an aircraft once. This was in England during the war. He’s not look at doing parachuting any more, as the ground is just a little too hard these days.

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