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    Airborne Arrow Flies at YFT

    Friday, June 22nd, 2012

    YFT Arrow 12 starts training flights

    Arrow 12

    Arrow 12

    After a long flight home last Tuesday Arrow 12 started training flights yesterday. Arrow 12 is the first production model of the new Airborne aircraft series. After fitting all the avionics into the new aircraft it was time to fly it back to Yarrawonga (YFT’s base). From Temora to Yarrawonga Peter had a 45kt head wind. This added an hour onto the flight. The new Arrow flew fantastically through the strong headwind and turbulence.

    Arrow 12

    Arrow 12

    Peter feels that it is the best wing he has ever flown. Last evening, Anne had her first flight. As a passenger she also noticed positive differences in the flight characteristics and positioning of various components. Faye was the next one to fly, and she flew two circuits and thoroughly enjoyed the new aircraft.

    Microlight Scotsman!

    Monday, June 4th, 2012

    David, the Scotsman from Melbourne, is back into trikes!

    0572David drove to YFT Hangar 19 from Melbourne with his campervan, to begin training in trikes again. it had been seven years since he flew, and half a world away. Being a true Scotsman, David explained that the Scots don’t give anything away, including their accent, and proved it to all the pilots by transmitting those true Scottish tones across the airwaves.

    The smile tells it all. David will return to YFT next weekend, to continue his flying adventures.

    David brought with him some 1990 editions of the British “Flight” magazine. One gem from the pages of wisdom was an “agony uncle” page…hence…

    Dear Les, Recently I have had problems landing properly. Do you think it’s my approach? Could you give me some advice on how to avoid bad landings in general? from “Bouncer”.

    Dear “Bouncer”,  AVOID TAKEOFFS. Les. (We like dry British humour!)

    YFT Licence

    Monday, June 4th, 2012

    Andrew gets his Pilots Licence…

    20104After  .9 of an hour flight test, Andrew have achieved one of his goals. Andrew has now become a  pilot.

    Andrew has earned his WINGS.

    Well done Andrew…

    YFT continues to develop great pilots to do extarordinary things.

    Airborne Arrow Wing at YFT

    Monday, June 4th, 2012

    XT-912 Tundra Arrow at YFT



    The new strut based wing from Airborne has a cruising speed of 70 knots and a range of 700 kms.

    The wing shown in the photos are of YFT’s new wing 32-8112. The two new YFT Arrow aircraft 32-8112 and 32-8113 are being flown back to hangar 19 this week.

    The XT912-Tundra Arrow combines a highly developed touring wing with a proven engine and base design. The Tundra version opens up a huge range of landing options.

    With a range of approximately 700 kilometers and the incredible reliabilty of the Rotax 912 engine adventures are bound to be yours in the Airborne XT912-Tundra Arrow.




    This project aim was to improve handling without compromising any of the positive characteristics associated with Airborne wings.

    The new Arrow wing has been under development for 12 months. The Arrow was based on the Streak SST wing, but with span decreased by 0.6m, and root reduced by 0.2m. The first flights on the prototype were impressive, with stall speeds similar to its big brother, while the smaller span provides a very nimble feel with quicker roll rate and excellent stability.



    Further sail and airfoil refinements have yielded an even greater speed range whilst retaining impressive slow speed performance. Clever undersurface shaping developed for our high-performance hang gliders has been used which allows the undersurface to blow-down producing a “tear drop” airfoil at the tips when high speeds are reached. The change in airfoil shape reduces tip mean camber, which moves the lift distribution inboard, improving roll and pitch stability. The benefit is a comfortable feel with easy handling in turbulence at all speeds.

    Performance testing has shown no increase in stall speed and a decrease in fuel burn compared to the SST wing.

    Flying the Arrow. You notice the smaller span straight away, even whilst taxiing. On applying full power for take-off it is surprising how quickly the Arrow gets off the ground. Straight away the controls feel comfortable with a lighter feel in roll than the SST but maintaining excellent feedback through the pitch range.



    The stall gives the pilot the same feedback as do all Airborne wings and is very mild at normal and what is considered safe pitch angles. Coming in to land through turbulence, the Arrow gives you extra control due to its small span. The extra control is also noticeable when holding the nose up at lower speeds. The pitch feel is excellent.

    Compared to the SST, slower landing speeds in turbulence can be achieved because of the wing’s increased authority, and decreased susceptibility to turbulence, which contributes to shorter landing rolls in rougher air.

    The new top surface cloth on the Arrow makes a lot of sense for a microlight wing. The smooth Mylar finish allows for easy cleaning and is the best weapon against our feathered hangar friends.

    Tocumwal Aero Club BBQ

    Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

    YFT flyers go to TAC BBQ…

    0462On Saturday two Cessna’s arrived at YFT from Tocumwal. The crews were just looking to have a fly somewhere, so why not visit Yarrawonga and say hello? As the conversations went on it was mentioned that Tocumwal Aero Club was having a BBQ breakfast on Sunday. Well, that was an invitation to go flying if I have ever heard one! After a few phone calls we had six starters. The idea was to meet at Hangar 19 at 0730 hours and depart soon after. I was ready, but a few other pilots were a little late. Aircraft ready and pilots Kelvin, Jennifer, Faye, David, Victor, and CFI Peter taxied out to runway 19.

    0466We all departed and formed up into a Diamond Formation and tracked for Tocumwal Aerodrome. With the calls done, the formation committed a pitch and recover landing on RWY 27, and then into the parking area. What a turn out, it was great to see about 30 people at the breakfast. After a lot of socialising it was time to depart back to YFT to get back into training mode. Victor flew the XT-912 SST back to YFT in a Vee Formation. Victor is doing his licence at YFT and had driven down from Mittagong on Saturday. He has purchased a Edge X-582 Streak aircraft and is doing well.

    Tocumwal Aeroclub are looking to have a monthly fly-in breakfast. What a great idea! Somewhere else for YFT people to visit and socialise, in the friendly skies around this area.

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