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    Garmin GPS’s Sell Like Hot Cakes

    Thursday, May 31st, 2012

    Garmin GPS sales have gone through the roof.

    0100Another two Garmin 795 GPS units were sold today. The new 795 seems to be a very popular GPS for Cessna and Piper owners. The large screen and simple operating functions make it a winner in the GPS world. I still find it a little too big in the cockpit, and the Aera 550 still holds the bulk of GPS sales. At $1290.00 plug and play, the Aera 550 seems to sell itself. At YFT you don’t just get a box which you have to programme … we do it for you, and you also get after sales service. Why? Because we use them in our own aircraft.

    Formation Endorsement

    Thursday, May 31st, 2012

    Gary gets his Formation Endorsement.

    0302After writing up his briefing and presenting it to his CFI, it was time for Gary to put his formation flying skills to the test. Gary had to wait for Dianne to get home before he was able to get the leave pass to go flying. With the aircraft ready to go, he made his way to Hangar 19. A quick check of the briefing and he was ready for the all clear and engines start. Gary made the radio calls and then the two aircraft taxied out onto runway 01. The briefing was to take-off and join up as a two aircraft element in a Echelon Right Formation over the lake. Then Gary would call the change to Line Astern Formation. ThenGary would call for the Echelon Left Formation, followed by a Pitch and Recover Landing.

    Gary’s formation flight lasted 33mins and after it was all done…. Gary had passed. Well done to Gary, who has flown nearly 30 hours of formation work to get this endorsement.


    Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

    Photos by David

    Photos by David

    YFT Pilots fly to WAC BBQ…

    After all the rain and wind on Saturday, Sunday turned out to be fantastic day for flying. As per our last News Letter, (and I know it was short notice), Wangaratta Aero Club decided to put on their end of month BBQ. I spoke to Willie and Terry from the Club, and yes, it was a goer. On Sunday morning the pilots started to roll up. We had

    Photo by David

    Photo by David

    Willie, David, Glyn, Ian, Dorothy, and Peter all ready to go. At 1100 hours all the aircraft taxiied out to runway 19 for a formation take-off.

    The flight to Wangaratta was just great, with the snow covered mountains in the distance. One by one our aircraft landed on runway 18, and then taxied to the parking area. Terry and the other club members were already hard at work on the BBQ. Two other aircraft flew in to join the

    Photo by David

    Photo by David

    party and it was decided to put the tables outside in the sun for the day. After much eating and socializing, it was time to fly back to YFT.

    Thanks to the Wangaratta Aero Club for another great social event. We will be there next month on the last Sunday of the Month.

    Thoona International Airport

    Monday, May 21st, 2012

    YFT Training Flight at Thoona.

    Photo by David Hunt

    Photo by David Hunt

    YFT regularly flies towards the Warby Ranges and around the hills for CFIT. It is also very important for students to find a small private airfield known as Thoona International Airport. It has an East West runway and is only 480 metres long. The airfield is owned by Daryl and he flies a single seat Rans aircraft, which he keeps in the Hangar on the airfield.

    On Sunday morning it was time for Andrew to start his Controlled Flight Into Terrain. So down to the Warby Ranges we went, and he started to learn how close he could fly to the mountains without getting turbulence. IMG_0139_DxOAfter flying around the mountains for a while, it was time to start circuits at Thoona Airfield. The most common comment is, “Gee it looks small”! But after two or three “touch and goes”, the runway no longer looks so small. Andrew and I headed back to YFT and landed, as I had another student booked in. Unfortunately that student did not turn up, but Andrew said “I’ll go up again!” This time we met up with two other YFT pilots, David and Willem.

    Photos by David Hunt

    Photos by David Hunt

    They were flying near Lake Mokoan, so Andrew decided to fly towards them. We joined up just North of Lake Mokoan, and with Andrew in the lead, David and Willy joined up in right Echelon. We flew back across Thoona Airfield again and I noticed that Daryl had his aircraft out. We all decided to land and have a chinwag with Daryl.

    Daryl said it could be a good idea for the YFT flyers to fly-in for lunch one day. I think this is a great idea, and I am working on a date. I will let you all know about it in the newsletter. We will fly into Thoona Airfield and Daryl will take everyone from the airfield in a bus, to the Local pub for lunch. What a day this will be!

    Photos by David Hunt

    Photos by David Hunt

    Later in the day, Dorothy, who soloed on Saturday, had her chance to fly CFIT, and then, you guessed it, circuits at Thoona, followed by a full stop on runway 24. Dorothy did really well and then flew to Corowa for more circuits and then back to YFT for a cuppa. Another great day’s flying was had by all…. and another 6 hours of flying for me. No rest for the wicked, … it all starts again at 0800 in the morning.

    Turf Farmer goes Solo

    Sunday, May 6th, 2012

    20085Andrew goes Solo.

    Andrew has been committing aviation in public a lot lately over the skies of Yarrawonga. However today was different. Today, Andrew flew solo!

    After 16 hours of ground school, and 10.7 hours in the air Andrew launched into the air for his solo flight, only to be confronted by a Mooney joining the circuit at 500 feet below him. The Mooney flew a very small circuit and landed. Although Andrew had right of way he took it in his stride and extended his downwind and came in for a perfect landing. Well Done Andrew.

    Airborne Wizard 3 with camera

    Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

    Kyle gets airborne,

    GO229Kyle strapped the GoPro camera to the wingtip of his Wizard 3 wing on the weekend and got some great photos. Most of the YFT pilots were away last weekend, and the aerodrome was mostly busy with training flights. Three new student started training, and they are all doing well.

    The weather was good, the sun was shining and our BBQ went off well, even if the attendance was down. The people that did turn up had a great time.  As you can see from Kyle’s photo the flying was good.

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