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    Air Creation

    Thursday, April 19th, 2012

    Air Creation Tanarg flies at YFT.

    20034Chris Brandon and family called in to see us last weekend, and Chris brought along his beautiful Air Creation Tanarg Trike. I did Chris’s BFR, and then it was time to play.¬† Chris asked me if I would like to fly his Tanarg. I said ” Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?” Chris ran me through the operation of the Tanarg and off I went. Chris had told me that people has said that the Tanarg was heavy on the controls. I didn’t find this at all. P4130009I fact I felt so comfortable in the Tanarg that just after take-off I was throwing the aircraft around as if I had flown it for hours. I found the aircraft very easy to fly, and I did not find it heavy on the controls at all. To me it was little different from flying an Airborne Streak 3 or SST. The cockpit layout was very user friendly and the rudder pedals were adjustable for long- or short-legged people. I would like to thank Chris for giving me the chance to fly his beautiful Tanarg and I hope to see more of these aircraft around the skies in the near future.

    T-Lite Solo

    Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

    Roy becomes a Solo Man.

    10973After completing his training is the XT-912 SST Roy went solo in his own T-Lite this morning. CFI Peter had trimmed the XT-912 back to its slowest speeds to give Ray the feeling of how the T-Lite would handle. After a number of low slow circuits Roy had the feeling of how the T-Lite would be. It was time, and Roy started up the T-Lite and headed out to runway 23 for the take-off. It looked good and in no time at all Roy had the hang of the T-Lite, 10976and he was doing circuit after circuit. Well don Roy.

    Solo Man

    Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

    Ian goes Solo.

    P1210964Ian from Townsville went solo today.

    After hours of circuits and weather that ranged from red hot thermals, to the icy blasts of Antarctic winds, Ian did it. Ian completed a number of circuits this morning and then it was time. CFI Peter asked Ian to backtrack on runway 19, and then CFI Peter got out. Ian was told the usual things. If you need to go around, do so. If you need me I will be on the radio. Thats when CFI Peter pulls out the plugs on the comms and the student pilot gets a thumbs up and off they go. They are on their own. It’s make it or break it time.

    Ian rose into the sky, flew downwind completing his checks and making the correct radio call before turning base, and was coming in nicely on RWY 19, when the wind decided to play games and began flicking from left to right instead of blowing steadily down the runway. Ian attempted to land but then did the sensible thing, called a “go round” and lined up again. This time he made a successful landing and became¬† another YFT “SOLO man”!

    Megafauna Fly-away 2012

    Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

    Goolwa Fly-away for 2012

    02GOPR0225What a Fly-away…. Yes I can now claim the weather.

    There will be a big article about the fly-away soon with lots of photos.

    Watch this site.

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