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    U2 Landings

    Thursday, March 15th, 2012

    U2 Landings

    Formation Flight from Wangaratta

    Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

    Training from Wangaratta…

    10439Yesterday saw another great day of flying, starting with formation training at Wangaratta. Three aircraft from Yarrawonga, flew to Wangaratta independently, and arrived at YWGT to meet the fourth aircraft.

    A formation Take-off was made and the three aircraft met up with the fourth over Wangaratta township. The formation formed up into a left echelon and headed for YYWG. On the way, the training exercise was to give each pilot a chance at the lead position. One by one the lead changed, until everyone had at least two goes at changing to the lead position. Once the formation had reached Lake Mulwala, the formation changed to a Diamond and tracked down the lake before conducting a formation landing on RWY 01. The Pilots flying this Training Session were Kelvin, Willem, Faye, and CFI Peter, with Aircrew observer, Jennifer.

    David Clark Company

    Sunday, March 11th, 2012

    David Clark… the lesser known story.

    What do you think of when you hear the brand name David Clark?

    Headsets for pilots?

    So did I, until reading Bob Hoover’s life story. When he was selected as wing man to Chuck Yeager in the attempts to break the sound barrier, the new high altitude pressure suits were developed by David Clark Company of Worcester, Massachusetts. (Now go and check the paperwork on your headset, because it IS the same Company, still in the same town). In the 1940’s the David Clark Company manufactured bras and girdles, frilly “smalls” and other feminine attire. When Chuck and Bob visited the factory they saw “rows of attractive women busily tapping away on their Singer sewing machines.” The executives sent them home with “boxes of frilly panties and bras” in their airforce plane.  However while flying over Ohio, admiring the 4th of July fireworks, they encountered severe weather and a bolt of lightning actually hit the nose of the aircraft, disintegrating the Plexiglass, and temporarily blinding them both. Greatly shaken, but able to continue their flight to Wright Field safely, they wondered how the Air Force would have explained all the frillies in the aircraft to investigators had they crashed! By the way the Bell X-1 high altitude suits didn’t even allow the pilots to stand upright! Bob kindly described them as “cumbersome”.

    Just another piece of interesting, but useless trivia, to astonish your friends with….

    Inversion Layer.

    Sunday, March 11th, 2012

    The Earth IS Curved!

    10267During a flight to the north at Savernake yesterday, at 8500 feet, the inversion layer was extremely prominent. Normally there would be a very large temperature difference between the two layers, however, yesterday, the lower layer had a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, where the layer above the inversion was 16 degrees Celsius. When looking across towards the sun it appeared that someone had cut the atmosphere with a knife. This photo was not taken on wide angle, but at this altitude you could see the curvature of the earth in big sky country. You can only see this from an aircraft.

    Aircrew ready to go

    Sunday, March 11th, 2012

    Jennifer got a new camera.

    10260Yesterday, Jennifer was proud to show off her brand new camera. So Peter took this photo to show how proud she was, as she prepared for a flight to try it out. Jennifer’s first piece of footage was of Peter strutting around the hangar. She wanted to get him doing something silly, but, as we all know, when there’s a camera around this won’t happen!

    Yarrawonga Aerodrome: Temporary seaplane base?

    Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

    Yarrawonga Aerodrome is a temporary seaplane base!

    00934With the abnormal weather bringing LOTS of rain to Yarrawonga, the aerodrome’s southern end went under water. As you approach Runway 01 from the south, you might notice slight changes to the runway profile, …a  lake is not usually at this end of the aerodrome! The aerodrome has had to be closed for night operations altogether, because  the runway lights are under water. At present, during daylight hours, Moira Shire has managed 10123to keep it open by creating a displaced threshhold on 01-19, making it considerably shorter, but usable for anyone needing to land in the area, because many surrounding airfields have been closed entirely.

    Yarrawonga Floods

    Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

    Yarrawonga Floods…

    00882The rain started and just didn’t stop. It was only a thin band of rain, but it followed the Murray River all the way through Yarrawonga and then on to Wangaratta. Yarrawonga received 120mls of rain on Tuesday night, followed by another 100mls plus, on Thursday. This is about half our average annual rainfall in just two days! Surface water flowed towards and through the town.  People who live in the newer estates on the north eastern side of Yarrawonga were not impressed. 00962They were even less impressed when” rubber-neckers” in Four wheel drive cars cruised up and down the canal-like streets, (flooding into yards and precariously on the verge of entering homes), creating  bow waves and wakes washing towards the buildings. I think there are several appropriate names for thoughtless people who create havoc like this. If the rain floods the houses it’s bad, but if people’s careless actions cause the flooding, could that be termed criminal?

    00919Towards the western side of town, one street fared worse than most. The water, flowing along its old depression, doesn’t enter the lake, or even the Murray River anywhere near Yarrawonga, but folds back on itself, trying to reach the watercourse that is known as “The Muckatah Depression” which reaches westwards through northern Victoria, towards Shepparton. In, through a depression through Yarrawonga streets, and then back out into the paddocks south of the township again. Interesting! In dry weather, as you drive up the Benalla-Yarrawonga road, you will see the signs denoting Pitman’s Crossing and Muckatah Depression. This is where the roads are cut at present, and the flowing water goes westwards “forever”.

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