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    Wilby Floods

    Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

    Wilby is flooded.

    00785Overnight we received upwards of 120mm rain, which was exciting! This morning Peter and Anne took to the skies with a camera. It a case of,”Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” Parks and intersections and roadways throughout Yarrawonga were flooded. A school bus was creating quite a bow wave… We felt that it was probable that the Muckatah Depression would be flowing. We weren’t disappointed, and Dowdle Swamp had overflowed into the northern paddocks again, draining towards the west. 00776Wilby was the surprise to us. The creek had well and truly broken its banks, flooding most of the township. Access by road was cut off in most directions. One white vehicle was pushing north, but wisely decided to reverse back through the water flowing across the road, … we could see the fast flowing creek water across the road that he had been heading towards, and it would not have been pretty! Trucks were trying to rescue possessions from houses before the water rose any further, 00772and huddles of people and cars were gathered on short, isolated stretches of road, cut off at both ends. The landscape was spectacular, with watercourses creeping across the surface like roots of  giant trees. We returned to Hangar 19, via Bundalong which fared well, and alerted the local paper and the council of the situation at Wilby. Apparently no one from Wilby had contacted emergency services, so their plight was unknown until our report. I believe help is being sent in the town’s direction as I write this post.

    Formation Endorsement

    Friday, February 24th, 2012

    Faye gets her formation endorsement.

    00574After more than 20 hours of formation flying training, Faye passed her final test, for the Formation Endorsement yesterday. Formation flying is not an easy task at any time, … it is a discipline, and it is dangerous! It only takes one slip-up, and the whole formation could be brought to the ground. In the beginning of Faye’s training her CFI was always pushing her to get in closer, or don’t get too high in the formation. The wake turbulence from a group of aircraft can be very interesting. 00621Faye found this out, when she was number three in a four aircraft formation. Faye got a little high and got caught in the wake turbulence of the other aircraft. The event was caught on video. It makes for interesting viewing! It was what we call a “NO JOY” moment.

    Faye has attended nearly every formation theory night, and flown in formation flights involving from two aircraft to six aircraft. She is the first to admit that formation work needs to be regularly practised to keep the skills honed, and has gained the mindset which will keep her and her flying partners as safe as possible. Congratulations Faye.

    Tungamah Formation

    Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

    X-Ray Tango Flight Tungamah Formation.

    00608Over the coming weeks X-Ray Tango Flight will be doing formation training over local towns around the Yarrawonga area. This week it has been Tungamah. Three pilots today were Faye, David, and CFI Peter making there way to Tungamah, and flying past the paddock burns. The large paddock burn just East of Tungamah was very impressive today and was worth taking a photo of.

    00597The three aircraft followed the railway line from Yarrawonga to Tungamah, and then made a number of flights over the town in different formation configurations. Faye was first to take the lead as the formation flew over Tungamah. The leaders were changed just to the east of the town and David took over as leader. Peter remained in the number three position and kept a watchful eye on the formation. As the training session was just about over, a paddock burn started and the formation turned to the East to have a look before heading back to Yarrawonga for a “pitch and recover” landing.

    If you would like X-Ray Tango Flight to conduct a formation training session above YOUR town in the area, contact Yarrawonga Flight Training by phone, (5744 1466) or Email.

    Formation at YFT

    Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

    Formation Flight to Strathmerton and Tungamah.

    00516Another fantastic day at YFT, with a formation flight of three aircraft tracking to Strathmerton, and then onto Tungamah. The take-off was Casey first, then David and Peter with a formation take-off. After the take-off David, Casey and Peter flew in a right echelon from Yarrawonga to Strathmerton, where the three aircraft did a number of orbits around the local farms. The three aircraft then departed the area,  climbed and headed for Tungamah. 00546It didn’t take long before the three aircraft were flying over the small town. The pilots made four passes over the town from different directions before climbing again, this time heading back to Yarrawonga for a pitch and recover landing.

    Casey had the easy job today. Being the lead aircraft, he only had to fly in the right direction and keep his turn without putting in too much bank. David on the other hand, had the hardest job of staying in the right position. Peter was making the formation look good by being “tail end charlie”.

    Winjeel Over YFT

    Sunday, February 19th, 2012

    What a sound!

    00429Mark Carr flew his beautifully restored Winjeel up from Benalla, to pick-up some Aeroshell oil for his Mothminor. I know just about anyone would love to have either of these aircraft! Mark has the best of both worlds…

    If you would like to go for a flight in either of Mark’s aircraft, go to the quicklink on this site and click on Adventure Flights Benalla, or watch this page for when Mark is offering flights from YFT.

    A Lifetime in Long Haul

    Sunday, February 19th, 2012
    header pic
    subheading books

    A Lifetime in Longhaul - book coverThis book is an opportunity to look into the fascinating world of longhaul aviation.

    In 1965, Qantas Airways commenced the Qantas Cadet Pilot Training Scheme. Thirteen courses were completed over a period of seven years, with the last course graduating in 1972.

    Bill Anderson was a member of 5 Course. He and twelve colleagues from that course recall their challenges both on the ground and in the air after ‘A Lifetime in Longhaul’.

    These men have some amazing tales to tell, from their early days as young men learning to fly, their entry into Qantas and on to the present day.


    IPhone Photo

    Sunday, February 19th, 2012

    Kyle took these photos.

    photo 01What a day… Yes it was another fantastic day in paradise at YFT. The radio crackled into life with Willem giving his 10nm inbound call. I, on the other hand, was still opening the hangar doors. It looked very cloudy towards Wangaratta, however this was not the case. When Willem landed and taxied to the hangar we noticed that Kyle had come along for the ride. David and Casey had now arrived, and it was decided to fly to Wangaratta, and then on to Corowa to have a look at the damage done to the Terminal Building, after a CASA Turboprop did its engine run in front of the building and blew the roof off.


    Warnambool from above.

    Saturday, February 18th, 2012

    Warnambool from above.

    P1000870Greg sent this photo in today. He has taken the photo over Warnambool from his Sabra.

    Yarrawonga Aerodrome Re-opened

    Thursday, February 16th, 2012

    YYWG Re-opened.

    00407At 1400 hours today, Yarrawonga Aerodrome re-opened, and the first aircraft to land was a Piper Arrow. Peter had only just had the NOTAM confirmed by Airservices Australia when the 10nm call came over the airwaves. I think the pilot had no idea if the aerodrome was closed or open. I think he was just lucky. The Aerodrome is now 18 metres wide, however the new 1.5 metres on each side has not been sealed yet. The sealing of this section will happen in a month or so. The runway has had it lights cleaned and lines re-painted. It looks very nice. .

    For the latest information, check your NOTAMs.

    GUST LOCKS Airgizmos

    Saturday, February 11th, 2012

    In stock now Gust Locks.

    Airgizmos have now released their quick release Gust Locks.

    Gust Locks $54.60

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