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    Wagga City Aero Club

    Sunday, January 29th, 2012

    “Highlight of the Twilight”

    President John Smith and members of Wagga City Aero Club (sometimes referred to as “The Luftwagga”) cordially invite members and friends of all surrounding aero clubs to the “Highlight of the Twilight” 5.30 pm Friday 10 February.

    Meet at WCAC’s club house on Walsh Drive, Wagga Wagga Airport for a special “before last light” flight around the Wagga area of about 40 minutes followed by a BBQ and refreshments.

    RSVP by 6 February to gbreust@bigpond.net.au If you can offer a seat to a passenger, please also indicate as invitations have been sent to Wagga Rotary Clubs to join us. No charge will be made to passengers on flights. BBQ and refreshments at great prices.

    Join us for a great twilight evening.

    Coldstream Airfield Celebrates 50 years

    Sunday, January 29th, 2012

    This year they will celebrate 50 years of operation.

    Some History

    A short time after the bushfires of 1962, a C170 flown by Basil Carlyle landed on what has become known as the Coldstream airport.

    This landing occurred on March 11 1962 and was probably where the taxiway exists today.

    2012 will be the 50th anniversary of this landing and the start of this airport, so it is suggested that some sort of commemorative celebration take place.

    During the early days Schutts operated the flying school and the aircraft based at Coldstream were mainly Austers and De H types so it may be appropriate to involve some of the Antiquers in this event.

    Visiting club committees please work out numbers of aircraft and pilots and let us know, to help us cater and make this a great event.

    RSVP with approx numbers ASAP if you don’t want to be disappointed

    This event will run on Sat from 10 am till late and then follow on Sun morning when visiting aircraft leave, probably finishing by 3 pm Sunday.

    Check the website for more details http://www.ycem.com.au/

    Aerodrome Closed

    Sunday, January 29th, 2012

    Yarrawonga Aerodrome Closure.

    Yarrawonga Aerodrome will be closed from the 6th of Feb to the 20th of Feb 2012 for Runway widening. The Yarrawonga Aerodrome does not meet the CASA standard at the moment. To bring this Aerodrome up to the minimum standard set out by the CASA for a registered aerodrome, the Moira Shire Council has a major works program to widen the runway to 18 metres. It was not possible to keep the Aerodrome open due to the size of equipment that will be working on the aerodrome and especially on the Runway. Please check NOTAM’s for the aerodrome reopening, (you never know, it may be open before the 20th of Feb!)

    YFT will still be open, however no flying operations will be taking place. Theory classes will be available, and the shop will still be open.

    Australia Day BBQ

    Sunday, January 29th, 2012

    YFT Australia Day BBQ.

    Kel 013226th of Jan 2012… Another great day! Australia Day started with a Navigation flight to Albury. Christian needed to get back into his Nav’s. So what would be a better way to get started than a quick Nav to Albury and back. We needed to start early, due to the YFT BBQ. 0630 hours was briefing at the YFT hangar, with wheels up at 0700 hours. What a morning, the air was crisp and smooth, our track took us just south of Corowa and right over Rutherglen. At the last control step, we turned and headed back to Yarrawonga. Arriving over Lake Mulwala two more aircraft that had also been to Albury, formed up, so we had a VEE formation to over-fly the town. After landing, it was time to get the Hangar ready for the BBQ. This meant hanging all the Ozzie flages we had, (and that’s a lot). People stared arriving early and aircraft arrived just when we needed them. Thanks to every one who came to help us celebrate another enjoyable YFT Australia Day.

    Searching for a Pilot

    Sunday, January 29th, 2012

    Pilot from YFT goes missing…..

    Michael 0120Two aircraft were dispatched from Yarrawonga Aerodrome to look for a missing Pilot yesterday. Michael, one our skilled pilots was not flying with us today, as he started at 0200 hours working in a paddock near Wilby. So Kelvin and Peter decided to go on a search and discover mission. It didn’t take long before we were able to see the tell tale signs of a baler. We circled the paddock until we saw the lights flash on the tractor. This was a pre-arranged signal with Michael. We didn’t want to be flying around a tractor that wasn’t being driven by one of our own. Michael had baled around 100 acres over night. We had been flying formation with Michael the day before.

    Formation Flight

    Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

    Two aircraft Formation.

    F1961Last evening, observers saw a very tight, two aircraft formation over Lake Mulwala. The briefing was for only three manoeuvres to be performed. The three manoeuvres were Left and Right Echelon, and Line Astern. After each sequence there would be a change of Leader.

    Each aircraft had a pilot passenger, who is interested in becoming formation endorsed. David had Christian as PAX and Peter had Branco as his PAX and photographer. The flight was a simple one, and the formation components were executed with precision.

    F1943David completed his formation sequence, and then the lead was changed. Peter put David through his paces and the his sequence ended with a formation landing.

    February Special

    Monday, January 23rd, 2012

    Fuel tester0076February Special….

    ASA Fuel testers.

    Two sizes, Both with duel screwdrivers.

    AFT-Short small $10 each + P&P

    AFT-1 large $10 each + P&P

    Phone Peter or Anne on 03 5744-1466 to order.

    XT-912 Sunset Flight

    Monday, January 23rd, 2012

    Casey and the sunset flight.

    Casey 0102After a long, hot day working on the farm, Casey arrived for a well deserved flight. After pre-flighting his aircraft and checking the weather, it was time to take to the air. The thermals were starting to die, and Yarrawonga had no storms on the horizon, unlike yesterday. So Casey climbed into his aircraft, and started up the engine. It wasn’t long before Casey’s new XT-912 SST was flying high around the lake.

    One of the problems for new pilots, is they just get a bit bored, not having any one to talk to in the back seat, as they do not have a passenger endorsement yet, and they don’t feel skilled enough to fly among other pilots. So most newly licenced pilots generally only fly for a short time each day. This is not enough to really build up their confidence. Another problem with new pilots, especially during the hot summer months, is picking the time of day to fly. I quite often have newly licenced pilots arrive, in the hottest part of the day, intending to go flying. (Anne calls this “the blue sky” syndrome. You know, it’s a blue sky so it must be  good to fly! Also most people have learned that as we go higher, the temperature gets cooler, but they don’t know a lot about inversion layers and mechanical turbulence). If they do go flying, they quite often get a scare from a big thermal. It’s just inexperience, that can give a new pilot the fright of his (limited hours in the air flying) life!

    Casey 0105Casey asked me if it would be a good afternoon to go flying. I told it would be, and the rest is history. Casey had only been up for nearly .5 of an hour when I heard him returning to the aerodrome. I got on the radio and told him to keep flying and that I would see him up there soon. Within an few minutes I was in the air and flying a loose formation with Casey. We flew around the Lake and down to the Ovens River and then back to Yarrawonga and as the sun set we made our approach and landed. Casey now had more experience, and another 1.5 hours in his aircraft. By the way he also had someone to talk to during the flight…. me, on our company frequency.

    Foxbat Load Test

    Monday, January 23rd, 2012

    Foxbat load test…. The photo tells the tale!

    IMG_2556 smallMike Rudd sent this photo to me to prove that the Foxbat is a mighty strong aircraft.

    Australia Day BBQ

    Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

    Australia Day BBQ at YFT.

    OZDAY112Yes it’s on again… The YFT Australia Day BBQ. Wheels down from 1100 hours and food should be cooked by 1200 hours.

    “I know that we normally have a Breakfast, but this year I mucked up!”

    All welcome to join in, and all we ask is a gold coin donation. If you would like to bring a salad or sweet it would be gratefully accepted.

    For RSVP and /or more information ring Peter or Anne on 03 5744 1466

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