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    Solo Man Alex

    Sunday, November 13th, 2011

    Alex goes Solo…

    AlexOnly nine hours training flights and Alex became a SOLO man! Lots of ground school time, as well as the flying work, along with many circuits in all sorts of conditions, and then the question was asked…. “Would you like to go solo?”…. There was silence. Peter asked again, “Would you like to go solo?” The answer,” Is this a trick question?”  ” No Alex, would you like to go solo?”… Alex answered, “What the heck, … Yes!” So CFI Peter got out of the aircraft and gave Alex the normal pre-solo brief, and then off Alex went. Stan and Jeanette, Alex’s parents, looked on. Alex conducted a perfect circuit and all the radio calls were ” just right”. The whole flight was conducted in a professional manner, and with a greaser of a landing to boot. Well done Alex!

    New Trike

    Thursday, November 10th, 2011

    Ron Builds a new Trike…

    P1020718Ron from Cobar has been working in his hangar, and look what he built.

    Ron has built himself a new Trike. I asked Ron about the building process and if he would do it again. The answer was NO… It just takes too long, and with all the inspections, it would be easier to buy a certified Trike. (Funny about that. Keith, another student a few years ago, who was an aeronautical engineer by trade, made the same comments when he scratch built his own trike, too.) Ron has had an Airborne X-582 Classic and also a Jabiru, but he likes the Trike the best. So Ron decided to have a go at building his own. This aircraft has an Airborne SST wing on it, and Ron tells me that it flies like a gem. Well done Ron.


    Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

    CloudMost Unusual Clouds at YFT

    In the late afternoon sun, with the moon already in the sky, these clouds formed, high in the sky to the North-east of Yarrawonga Aerodrome. It was spectacular and picturesque enough to send three of our pilots scurrying for their cameras…

    Trike Pilot Alex

    Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

    Alex Starts Pilot training.

    AlexAlex started his flight training at the beginning of the week. He is flying an Airborne X-582 Classic belonging to his parents. After only one and a half hours at the controls, I put Alex into circuits. By Wednesday, due to hard work, Alex had completed BAK, Flight Radio, and Air Legislation. As far as flying goes, weather permitting, Alex should solo very soon. Well done Alex.

    Vietnamese Tourist Flight

    Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

    All about Flying.

    Flights4This week Hangar 19 has been closed for four days while Peter and Anne went to Canberra. Peter attended the CASA CFI convention at “Safe Skies”. He felt it was well worth the time and effort to go, worked hard and enjoyed the two days. Anne hit the patchwork shops, National Botanic Gardens, Geoscience Australia, the War Museum and the National Archives, and also felt her time in the National Capital was well spent. Instead of leaving early on Tuesday to enable some sight seeing together in Canberra before the convention, YFT first dealt with a bus load of Vietnamese tourists who all flew in the trikes across Lake Mulwala, much to their delight. Most spoke no English, and many had not flown in a small aircraft of any type before, but felt it was a highlight of their touring program. It was an interesting time for all involved.

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