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    Jennifer Flies Airborne XT-912 SST Microlight.

    Monday, June 28th, 2010

    Jennifer started flying over a year ago with her husband Kelvin. Jennifer stopped flying just before going Solo to let her husband Kel finish his licence.

    Jennifer flies XT-912 SST

    Jennifer flies XT-912 SST

    This flying couple have just ordered their new XT-912 SST aircraft. It was time for Jennifer to get back in the cockpit, and yesterday Jennifer took to the skies for the first time in over 8 months in one of YFT’s XT-912 SST aircraft.

    Jennifer was concerned that she would have problems, because she had not flown for such a long time. This proved to be unfounded as her take-off was perfect. Jennifer was having a great time flying around in the XT-912 SST.

    Jennifer in control of the SST

    Jennifer in control of the SST

    This was her first time in the SST and she handled it like she flown it forever.

    Kel had been flying earlier in the day and he was practising short field landings. This is to get Kel ready for landing on their own airfield at Chiltern. Kel and CFI Peter flew over to Kel’s airfield later in the day and under the watchful eye of his CFI, Kel made one landing and three approaches on the new runway before flying back to Yarrawonga. Kel and Peter will be flying the new XT-912 SST from the factory in Newcastle, NSW, back to Yarrawonga in mid July.

    Probus visit YFT

    Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

    Probus member get briefing

    Probus member get briefing

    Probus visit Yarrawonga Flight Training for a BBQ.

    The Yarrawonga Probus Club decided to have one of their Monday BBQ at Yarrawonga Flight Trainings Hangar 19. The turned not to be to cold although where was low cloud around. On of the members decided to take to the sky with CFI Peter McLean.

    Probus member John after his flight

    Probus member John after his flight

    Probus memeber John after his flight in one of YFT’s new XT-912 SST aircraft. The smile says it all.

    YFT welcomes clubs of all type to our Hangar 19 facility. All you need to do is contact us and we will book you in.

    TX-912 Panniers

    Saturday, June 19th, 2010
    XT-912 Panniers

    XT-912 Panniers

    New from Punkin Head Airsports.

    XT-912 Panniers.

    After conducting extensive testing the new XT-912 panniers are ready for sale. These Panniers will retail for $350.00 a pair. (more…)

    The John Duigan Story

    Friday, June 18th, 2010

    John Duigan Centenary Celebrations, 17/7/2010 Yarrawonga Aerodrome 9am to 4pm


    1910 was a different world to our present world now.

    *Neck-to-neck bathing costumes are insisted on at all popular resorts.

    *Rag-time jazz was introduced into Australia.

    * A total of 88,874 landline telephones are connected throughout Australia.

    *Paper currency notes become legal tender throughout Australia.

    *Florence Nightingale died.

    *Electric cooking devices began to appear in domestic kitchens.

    *Not only was there no TV, amateur radio receiver kits were just becoming popular.

    *Explorers had reached the North Pole, but not the South Pole.

    *38 aircraft were entered for the first aviation meeting. It was held in France, and thousands of people gathered to watch 100 flights, and it was remarked that, “flying machines are no longer toys and dreams” by Britain’s David Lloyd George.


    Bruce Goes Solo in XT-912 Trike

    Sunday, June 13th, 2010
    Bruce goes Solo

    Bruce goes Solo

    Bruce goes Solo.

    Bruce from Melbourne went Solo today. He has made a major miles stone in his aviation training. Well done Bruce. I did notice that we couldn’t get the smile off his face.

    Megafauna Fly-away to Dubbo

    Friday, June 11th, 2010

    Yes its on again the Megafauna Flyers will be flying off to Dubbo in May next year. We will be overnighting at Temora, Dubbo, Parkes, and Wagga. This is another 7 days of fun. Get in early if you want to join in. Check the events for joining details.

    John Duigan Centenary Day

    Friday, June 11th, 2010

    Press release 11 June 2010   

    John Duigan Centenary Day

    JOHN DUIGAN CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS at Yarrawonga Aerodrome on July 17th, goes full steam ahead, and you are all invited to attend. Admission will be free.

    Two years ago, Dianne McNamara, a resident on the airfield, came up with the idea to have a celebratory event to honour John Duigan, the first Australian to build, and fly, an aircraft in Australia. The catalyst was the fact that the aerodrome road (John Duigan Drive), is named after this little recognized man, who had a business in Yarrawonga, on the current Target site.


    Wagga Aero Club BBQ

    Friday, June 4th, 2010

    Yarrawonga Flight Training will be flying a large group of aircraft to Wagga Aero Clubs BBQ on July 4th.

    If  you want to join us just contact YFT on 0415 406 413 and we will give you all the details.

    Megafauna Fly-away was the best ever!

    Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

    Megafauna Fly-away 2010.

    This fly-away was the best one yet.

    This year’s Meagafauna Fly-away had 30 aircraft and 53 aircrew, 2 bus drivers, and a ton of fun.


    CASA Seminar Great Success

    Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

    P1150882Sunday’s CASA seminar was a great success at YFT Hangar 19, despite inclement weather. Around 40 people arrived for the seminar lead by Alan Bridges for CASA.

    Alan explained the changes, which come into effect on June the third, in an easy to understand way. Many questions were asked and there were was no one left wondering. Thanks to all who attended, and a special thanks to Alan Bridges for doing a great job.

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